Testimonies of God's Grace

Mark Casson


Mark leads Mettanoia, the prison ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.  Here is his testimony.

Lowell Ivey

Follow this link for the testimony of Pastor Lowell Ivey:


Lowell is a Presbyterian Pastor (OPC) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Lowell spent 15 years in prison.  God has done an amazing transformation in his life. Click here to hear his testimony.

John MacArthur at Angola Prison


Listen to or read John MacArthur's sermon delivered at Angola Prison. Click here for his sermon.

How God Transformed Angola Prison


Read how the Gospel transformed a Louisiana maximum security prison once infamous for violence and decrepit conditions. Click here to lean more.

Alistair Begg


Alistair preaches on True Freedom to a group of inmates at the Lorain Correctional Facility in Ohio. Click here to listen, watch, or read.